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Hello And Welcome!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce the contributors to this blog...

My name is Mark. Isabelle and I met several years ago on various math help forums posting help for students. We are both dedicated to helping students increase their knowledge of mathematics and developing the critical thinking skills needed to succeed. We are also very dedicated to helping provide a friendly and wholesome environment for this to happen. We are both members of the senior staff at Math Help Boards (MHB). I help administrate the site and Isabelle is a global moderator.

MHB is a free math help site and we believe that the best way to help members is to give hints and nudge them in the right direction over the course of multiple posts if necessary. Simply giving out answers is much less effective long-term and we strive to have our members truly improve their mathematical skills.

In addition to providing math help, we are also dedicated to showcasing challenging problems for the enjoyment and mental stimulation of our members. We are both very proud to help make MHB the best place on the internet to get/give help and discuss mathematics.

At MHB, Isabelle has been a major factor in improving site content by posting especially challenging problems and solutions in our "Challenge Questions and Puzzles" forum. She also serves as one of our Problem Of The Week Directors. We post 3 problems each week as a challenge to our users. We have "Secondary School/High School," "University" and "Graduate" level categories.

My involvement here will mainly be to provide technical/coding assistance. Isabelle is the driving force behind setting up this blog. She is the one who decided to create this blog as a means for reaching out specifically to students studying and training for competition level mathematics.

Isabelle has a veritable library of intriguing problems she has painstakingly collected, written and solved, and for which she will be posting detailed solutions including all the thought processes and insights involved in reaching the solution.

We certainly welcome all feedback and comments, whether that involves posting additional insights for solving the posted problems, or to ask for help with your own problems.

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